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Blog - Tag: sedona

By ONLINE SALES, 09/14/2015 - 15:09

Learn how to make delicious kale chips using the Sedona Rawfood Dehydrator! Kale chips are a healthy, delicious treat that you can serve any time of the year.

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By ONLINE SALES, 08/10/2015 - 16:39


Raw foods around the world is a cool idea thats heating up! (I mean not hotter than 118 degrees Fahrenheit or 48 degrees Celsius of course!) It’s driven by the one desire that connects us all regardless of the country or culture we come from, the innate desire to be healthy and well! As more humans around the planet start looking to align with diets and meal plans that support their overall health raw foods is emerging as a key foundation for healthy living worldwide.

How we interpret the culinary opportunity of raw foods and how we present it to the community we serve in our homes and in cafes is a wide array of varying creative expression and it shows how with some simple tools chefs and individuals passionate about pursing health can create through their own unique opportunities incredible and delicious alternatives to inspire and motivate a worldwide movement towards vitality through food!

The international Raw Foods Association had it’s first worldwide meeting at the Milan Expo in Italy this July. Delegates from over 12 countries were represented and the sharing about the developing story of raw foods and alkaline eating from country to country was rich with excitement and possibility. So what in the world is going on with raw foods? Tangibly what are people doing? Here is a highlight reel from just this year alone…

Tokyo opened it’s first raw foods cafe Raw Life Ginza, Masae Kitihara brought to life her vision from a school of dedicated professionals from the Japanese Living Beauty Association that she started herself 8 years ago with the idea of teaching people a system they could educate others with. Now they have their first cafe and it’s going great supporting the community with education and meal programs designed to help them meet their overall health goals. When asked her favorite tools of the trade Masae shared, “The Green Star juicer is an essential part of bringing the life-giving qualities of fresh pressed juice into every household, and the Sedona Express dehydrator is inspiring and motivating students to create traditional Japanese Sweets in a healthier way, once they get more of this they are hooked and want to do more!" 

Italy opened it’s first raw foods cafe, Mantra cafe and the chefs there are using the dehydrator to create fermented crackers with rich flavors like shitiake mushrooms and pepper. One chef shared, “The one thing Italians love is flavor, so we worked to create traditional flavors from non-traditional ingredients as a way to begin sharing our philosophy with our community”. Marina who founded Mantra is hopeful to educate the community about the benefits of the total raw foods lifestyle, one bite at a time.

In the US raw vegan cheese has taken a spotlight and the chefs in the 118 Degrees raw foods educational programs have been testing raw fermented cheeses straight from the Sedona Express Dehydrator, “Using the Sedona Express Dehydrator we can speed up the fermentation process and also upgrade the texture of a cheese to allow for a more firm cheese, this has customers smiling” and rightly so, check out the tahini sweet cheese recipe in this article for a simple starter course in raw vegan cheese.

Chef’s worldwide shared some of their top uses for the dehydrator and how it has helped them take raw foods to more people and also create dishes that keeps the raw living foods lifestyle growing and elevating amongst the global population. Here are the top 5 uses of the Sedona dehydrator from leading raw foods chefs around the globe:

1) Marinated Vegetables, these can be accomplished using simple and even oil free marinades by coating fresh vegetables in a house made marinade and dehydrating for 2-4 hours you can create a simple “sautéed” vegetable medley that can be used as a dish on it’s own, inside a wrap to to top a bowl of pasta or salad. Try a simple toss of shredded carrots, diced red bell peppers, green onions and shitiake mushrooms sprinkled with sesame oil and dash of salt for a simple blend that is incredible on a summer salad warm or chilled.

2) Stuffed Fruits and Vegetables with flavorful cheeses and sauces can also be done in under 4 hours and allow for a fun flavor a texture. Try the stuffed peaches on pg. x for a look into what summer fruits can offer when combined with a great dessert sauce and served fresh from the dehydrator.

3) Custom Spice Blends are a great use for extra spices and a fun way for chefs to differentiate themselves in a growing market. When shopping at the farmers markets many chefs share that they will pick unique spices and use them fresh in a dish but also will dehydrate and grind it down later to add to seasonal spice blends. Get your feet wet by dehydrating extra basil and rosemary, then grind these down in the personal blender and add some salt and you have a great table top spice blend to add some additional flavor to a variety of meals.

4) Crunchy Snacks like kale chips and carrot crisps are a great way to get away from boxed crackers and unhealthy chips. You can even use eft over juicing pulp as a great and flavorful addition to a variety of dehydrated crackers as well as breads. Simple flax crackers can be created with 1 cup of ground golden flax, two cups of carrot pulp from the juicer and 1 cup of water, simply blend in the Dynablend and then spread over your trays covered in non-stick sheets. Dry for 15 hours until completely dry and cut into desired shapes, or score the crackers to triangle or other fun shapes prior to drying and pull apart once dry.

5) Allergen Free and Paleo Friendly Wraps are a great use of dehydrating space. Many chefs will add a tray or two of wraps made from flax, coconut, buckwheat and other grain-free or gluten free ingredients to each dehydrating combination in order to always have a great wrap option available. Busy mom’s love this lifestyle option as well because they can dehydrate once and use the wraps for weeks to come. This is also a great option for leftover fruits, a simple blend of fruits can be spread over a dehydrating tray to make fruit leathers and then stored for on the go snacking.

Overall the idea of being alive and well is taking root in deeper meaning as a variety of global citizens come together and share ideas on the best ways to help people adopt foundational raw foods that benefit any healthy living program. Stories of healing, health and wholeness are only just beginning to shed light on the real possibilities of helping connect a global wellness community focused on nutrition and balanced lifestyle.