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The Benefits of Dehydrating

By ONLINE SALES, 11/27/2017 - 11:59

1. Enzyme-Packed Foods: More live enzymes in food means less work for your body during the digestive process. When foods are heated above 118 degrees, especially with oils, it destroys the live enzymes present in the food and harmful toxins can be created depending on the ingredients and cooking methods used. By gradually dehydrating your food at 118 degrees, instead of applying direct heat to your food, you can create nutrient dense foods with minimal enzyme loss. Add dehydrating as one of your cooking methods when preparing food in your kitchen to raise your health to another level.

2. Easy Access to Preservative-Free Foods: The dehydrator provides an easy to make alternative to buying foods prepared with preservatives. Avoid store-packaged foods that can contain artificial coloring and other harmful additives by dehydrating your own delicious recipes at home.

3. Minimize Food Waste: Ever have too much growing in your garden? Don’t know what to do with all the extra produce? Preserve your abundant harvest naturally for later use in your soup, salad, or dessert recipes. Store your dehydrated food in airtight glass containers and keep them in your pantry for months, or even years.

4. Create Allergen-Free Foods: Many people are finding that food allergies are creating problems in their bodies and discomforts in their lives. It’s difficult to find foods that are completely free of these common allergens in the marketplace. Even when the packaging states that it’s “gluten-free”, it may still contain tiny particles of wheat if it was packaged in a shared facility. Dehydrating allows you to easily create gluten-free wraps, soy-free crackers, and many other delicious pantry basics using the safe ingredients that you choose.

5. Cost Savings: Dehydrated food can be rather pricey when bought in the store. Having a dehydrator at home allows you to make your own nutritious dried foods at a fraction of the cost. It also allows you to save your harvest when it’s least expensive. Buy foods on sale or in bulk and preserve it for later use.

The Tribest Sedona Dehydrators utilize the latest digital dehydrating technologies with accurate temperature controls and built-in timers that make dehydrating easy and enjoyable. It’s the easiest and most elegant way to dehydrate your favorite fruits, vegetables, and meats into nutrient-rich super snacks for everyone to enjoy.

There’s a perfect dehydrator for everyone. The Tribest Sedona line now comes in three models to meet your specific needs: Sedona Classic with Raw Mode (Overheat Protection), Sedona Combo with Raw, Fast, and Combo Mode, and our latest Sedona Express that packs even more features into a compact design.

Unlike other dehydrators, the Tribest Sedona Dehydrators come with outstanding features like an all-digital control panel and display that’s conveniently located in the front, transparent glass door, internal LED lights, and BPA-free body. The Tribest Sedonas also provide extra convenience for the customer by offering more options, like three different non-stick drying sheet options (PP/silicone/PTFE), and the choice of stainless steel or BPA-free plastic trays. 

Learn more about the Tribest Sedona Dehydrator models:

For delicious and nutritious dehydrating recipes, please check out the recipe book Simply Dehydrated by Jenny Ross: