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PuraDyme PuraCleanse, PD011 Support Toxin Removal (10 Oz)

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To gently cleanse, rebuild strength, and renew the entire intestinal tract. 

PuraCleanseTM PuraDyme’s PuraCleanse is a superior blend of specialized herbs to gently cleanse, rebuild strength, and renew the entire intestinal tract. Proper health is a daily responsibility and absolutely critical to continued physical health and well-being. These specially selected natural ingredients have a long history of helping to soothe and heal the digestive tract while improving bowel function.

PuraCleanse also comes in Capsule form for your convenience!


Hibiscus (Flower)- 932mg
Psyllium Husk- 908mg
Peppermint Leaf- 4428mg
Licorice Root- 428mg
Cascara Sagrada- 144mg
Eleuthero Root- 8mg
Corn Silk- 8mg


Take 1-2 teaspoons (4 capsules) with a full glass of purified water twice daily.
Best taken on an empty stomach.

Do Not Use if Safety Seal is Broken Store in Cool, Dry, Place, Best Refrigerated. Keep Tightly Sealed.

Puradyme Commitment to Quality:

No Toxic Fillers, No Binders, No Extenders, No Excipients, No Preservatives, No Heavy Metals, No Stimulants, No Gluten, No Soy, No Lactose, No Animal Derivatives, No Microbes or Fungi, No Chemicals or Solvents, No Harmful Substances, No Artificial Sweeteners, No Sugars

Q. Why Probiotics?

A. Probiotics are key elements to our overall health and wellbeing! These living bacteria work as balancing agents for non-friendly, pathogenic bacteria that often live in the digestive tract and are the root cause of many of the chronic ailments we suffer from today. Probiotics such as L. Acidophiilus actually work to create a natural form of antibiotics in the body, helping increase our body’s ability to produce anti-microbial action against the pathogens found in the FOODS WE EAT, AIR WE BREATHE, & the things we come into CONTACT WITH.

Q. Why PuraLiyf

A. PuraLiyf Probiotics excel far above the rest! We combine five synergetic strains of friendly bacteria that are enzyme enhanced with proteolytic enzymes! PuraLiyf Probiotics are the perfect supplement to boost your body’s natural probiotics that have been destroyed by everyday stresses, unhealthy lifestyles, or acidic diets.

The secret behind PuraLiyf is the use of patented DDS-1 Acidophilus, a unique & highly-stable probiotic of human origin that directly and distinctly attacks negative, unfriendly pathogens (such as viruses & bacteria), that often encase themselves in a protein shell.

With 40 years of documented, peer– reviewed research, DDS-1 has been shown to naturally produce lactase, reduce serum cholesterol, and suppress H. pylori (a bacteria known to be the principle cause of stomach ulcers.) Research has also shown that this patented strain of L. Acidophilus produces the natural antibiotic called acidophilin!

Yet perhaps the most significant benefit of this superstrain is its ability to Stimulate the Immune System, ultimately benefiting the skin and combating yeast and fungal infections.

While other acidophilus products may provide some of these benefits, ONLY DDS-1 has been shown to provide them ALL!

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