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Hawos Novum Grain Mill

Hawos Novum Grain Mill
Hawos Novum Grain Mill
Hawos Novum Grain Mill More details...
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Product Details
Beautiful flour mills for every kitchen - Hawos Grain Mills
Unlock the flavor and nutrition of fresh grains with Hawos Grain Mills. Hawos Grain Mills are hand crafted in Germany and feature precision German engineering. All of Hawos mills feature stone mills to create an ultra fine grind without the heat associated with stainless steel mills. The grindstones in Hawos mills are made of natural corundum stone that has been mixed with a special ceramic to create an ultra-hard stone that resists chipping and wearing. Plus they are encased in beautiful beech ply, birch, or plastic casings that are an elegant addition to your appliances.
Fresher is always better!
Because you want only the best for you and your family, freshly ground flour made from whole wheat, rice, oats, corn or any other grain is the best way to leverage the maximum nutrition and flavor of these essential foods. With power, beauty and precision, Hawos stone grain mills unlock all the nutrients and flavors of grains - right when you need them. Your favorite breads, pastas, cereals, and desserts will come alive as never before. You insist on fresh juice for its greater taste and nutrition - why settle for less with this equally important food group?

7.9 [w] x 15 [h] x 7.9 [d] in
Weight: 16 lbs.
Milling Capacity "fine": 125 g/minute
Hopper Capacity: approx. 600 g
Subassembly Height: 16 cm
Stone Mill Work: Corundum in Ceramic (100 mm)
Mill Work Bedding: Elastic Bedding for Quiet Milling
Milling Chamber: Food Grade Plastic
230 Watt Motor
Noise Level: <72 dBA

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