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Choisons V-Slicer

Choisons V-Slicer
Choisons V-Slicer
Choisons V-Slicer
Choisons V-Slicer
Choisons V-Slicer
Choisons V-Slicer
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A Standing Mandoline Slicer More details...
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Product Details

The Efficient way to slice swiftly and safely in y our kitchen


· Rubberized Feet –Provides stability and support across all surfaces

· V-Shaped Blade- The innovative shape provides an easier time slicing

· Chute Box- Helps perfectly position produce for even and straight cuts

· Large Pusher- Protects fingers during use, while providing even and equal pressure distribution

· Small pusher & Divider- Provides superior pressure distribution for smaller-sized produce

· Extension Legs- Allows for the use of larger bowls or containers to be utilized

· Finger Guard- Provides superior protection & prevents stray fingers from getting anywhere near the blade

· Vacuum-preventing Surface- Grooves on the slicing platform and holes on the blade prevent the formation of a vacuum during the slicing process

· Removable blade- Convenient cleaning, sharpening and replacement

· Thickness Adjusting Platform- Easily adjusts the thickness of slices from paper-thin to ___mm slices

· Julienne Attachments- Optional 2mm/3mm/4mm attachments are available

General Description

Choison’s V-Slicer is designed to offer superior convenience and safety, while still providing consistent and swift slicing of produce. Featuring an upright and standing position the V-Slicer makes for a convenient and easy to use mandoline slicer that helps create even uniform slices of adjustable thickness. The Japanese design and forged stainless steel blade mirrors the sharpness of a Santoku knife, while the V shape of the blade helps to center and cut through produce with a straighter cut than a standard blade would. Two protection features the chute box Finger Guard and Large Pusher make this the safest mandoline on the market. At the same time holes at the back of blades help prevent suction and keep the produce in motion for a smooth push and pull action, slicing produce safely and efficiently.


Prepare uniformed slices of produce for use with a dehydrator, fryer, or oven

Slice onions, carrots, tomatoes cucumbers, beets, and more for salad bars

Make even and thick onion ring slices

Process large amounts of produce in half the time it would take with a knife

Ensure standardized slices in thickness every pass

Create paper thin slices for a decorative flair

Variable thickness control settings gives you control on just how thick or thin you want your slices to be

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